Sukkot with Chabad

Family Shul Services 

Come join us at Chabad Jewish Center 946 N Valley Forge Road, Devon PA 19333

Friday night, September 29

Light Candles 

6:30 PM
Community Dinner in Sukkah 7:00 PM


Saturday, September 30
Morning Services 10:00 AM
Light Holiday Candles after 7:26 PM
Sunday, October 1
Morning Services 10:00 AM

Part 1 of Holiday Ends

7:24 PM
Simchat Torah
Friday Night, October 6
Light Candles      6:18 PM 
Evening Service 7:00 PM 
 Shabbat, October 7
 Morning Services  10:00 AM
 Yizkor Services 11:00 AM 
 Light Candles after 7:15 PM 

Simchat Torah Celebration

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7:00 PM
Sunday, October 8
 Morning Services 10:00 AM 
 Holiday Ends 7:13PM