• Shabbat Social - Friday Night DinnerJoin us this week for a Friday night dinner at Chabad, with a Chinese inspired menu More Information and RSVP
  • Chanukah at the CourthouseJoin us for a grand Menorah lighting and firetruck gelt drop in front of the historic Chester County Courthouse! More Information and RSVP
  • Chanukah at ChabadJoin us for Chanukah this year! Public menorah lightings, parties, hot latkes, doughnuts and more! Schedule of Events
  • Sponsor a KiddushSponsor a Kiddush for the community! Many members of the community utilize this opportunity when they have a joyous occasion to celebrate, a milestone to mark, or a family member they wish to honor. Sponsor Now
  • Women's Torah ClassJoin women from the community for a weekly Torah class with Tickey that will fill your week with inspiration More Information
Chabad of Chester County is a community synagogue geared to bringing Jews closer to their heritage.
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Learning & Inspiration
  • Learn About Maimonides’ Almost-Forgotten SonHe was a staunch defender of his father and a mystic and scholar in his own right. Read More
  • Do you Light Shabbat Candles?Do a mitzvah for the Jewish People! Read More
  • Is It Kosher to Play Lotto?Are Jews allowed to purchase tickets? Get the inside scoop on playing lotto in Jewish law. Read More
  • Peanut Butter Chanukah Gelt Cookies Read More
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The words and the stories of Torah are but its clothing; the guidance within them is its body. And as with a body, within that guidance breathes a soul that gives life to whoever follows it. And within that soul breathes a deeper, transcendental soul, the soul of the soul: G‑d Himself within His Torah. Grasp the clothes alone, and you are like the student who hears the words but not the thoughts. Grasp straight for the soul—or even the body—and you will come up with nothing. They are not graspable; they are G‑dly wisdom, and you are a created being. Instead, examine those words and those...
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