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  • Hebrew SchoolChabad Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating environment, where children can embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride.Hebrew School Begins September 14
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You need to take ownership of those things most important in life—the charity you give, the kind deeds you do, the Torah you learn and teach. You can’t just say, “This is G‑d’s business, He has to take care of it.” It has to hurt when it doesn’t work out; you have to dance with joy when it does. That is why G‑d created the “I”—so that we...
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    Alot Hashachar (dawn)

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    Earliest Tallit and Tefillin

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    Netz Hachamah (sunrise)

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    Latest Shema

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    Zman Tefillah

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    Chatzot (midday)

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    Shkiah (sunset)

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    Tzeit Hakochovim (nightfall)

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